Metal detecting tips and tricks?

K I've eliminated metal finding three times today with so much and my Bright's Coinmaster I've just discovered what I think the doctor neighborhood calls dressed coins? I have found 2 dimes 2 groups and 8 cents. The locations I Have discovered are named Horseshoe Lake in Forest WA Klineline Lake in Fish Creek WA Battleground WA, and Battle-Ground River. I've yet to locate previous and uncommon coins that will be the main reason I began metal finding to start with or any jewelry and that I have not discovered some of these. Iam somewhat frustrated, oh I discovered LOTS OF pull-tabs. Am I? Therefore I've quite a long time to get this done I am also 20 but I want achievement also it appears to be eluding me. Methods or any guidelines to locate previous coins and this jewelry I am searching for? Cheers!


I have been metal sensing for awhile. I understand a great deal, although I am among the newer men however. Never quit! You've to keep seeking and finally you'll find anything great. If you like to locate jewelry, visit shores, wetlands, playgrounds, etc. if you should be currently searching for outdated coins, visit aged areas, aged houses, deserted houses , you have to get authorization to search locations. Do your study, look at the entertainment site in your city, plus they occasionally give the decades areas were built to you. If you're able to search within their meters request people, many people may let you know no, but there are certainly a large amount of good people available who'll permit you to. Take a look at my metal finding movies on facebook and check a number of my finds out. I actually donot look for a large amount of material that is good every understand after which, I discover anything excellent! / user/RecoveringRelics
Best of luck ! (Happy Shopping)

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